Next up….Laos!

It has been decided and circumstances have prevailed – we will be taking a trip! It will be a short trip but it will be an adventure nonetheless. We are headed to Laos in February for 8 days of motorcycle touring. It has come together because Shannon is going to

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Back in Seattle, back at work, and planning for the next trip

Yesterday we picked up the bikes from the shipper and road them home from Tacoma. We were lucky as the sun was shinning and it was a nice day for a ride, which is unusual as the weather has not been very nice here in Seattle. After getting the bikes

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Mexico portion of the trip is finished

It really is with sad news that I say that the Baja portion of the trip is over…we weren’t ready. We wanted to keep going both to spend more time in Baja and then just continue south and get on a ferry (assuming we could sort out the pesky paperwork).

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Shower day

Started out this day with a shower. It is amazing how good a shower can feel when you are pretty ick. We leave El Roseario today and headed for Ensenada for our last night in Baja. The past few days have been excellent including meeting some awesome folks, camping on

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Monday, 3/21 and back in La Paz

We are back in La Paz so have an internet connection again as well as a working cell phone (working as more than taking pictures and acting as an alarm clock), so it is time for another catch up about the last few days and then tomorrow we continue our

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More catching up

I am on a regular computer now so can write more and faster than from my phone which is slow to say the very, very least. I left off with dropping my bike in the sand on the way out to the main road which was telling for the day

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Catch up

It is friday and I have a phone connection so can update. I would use the computer but someone is hogging it here at our backpacker hotel in la Paz. Not a bad place as they let us drive the bikes into the courtyard and no problem having ducati and

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Sunday morning

Ready to start another day. Mike is off looking for the bank while me and Ducati finish packing up our things. Had a tasty breakfast of eggs and beans with fresh oj. Took advantage of the hotel room by watching tv last night and hot showers this morning. From here

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Arrive in Ensenada

this day did not go as planned. We left the hotel and had a lovely drive to Tecate…well, I did get stressed out with the grooves on the highway but once off the main hwy then road94 was a nice drive. Got to the tecate border and were told that

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To Mexico today

We fuel up our bodies with some free breakfast at the hotel and then we are hitting the road. Will cross the border this morning then into Baja we go.

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