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About Us

Mike in northern Thailand, 1992

Shannon exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Jan 1994

This website is already misleading and we apologize for that. It is way to catalog our successes but it is not a complete picture of our daily existence. At first glace it seems the bulk of our lives are spent with some kind of ‘Trust Fund’ wealth and ample time to hand pick adventures. Sadly, this is not the case.

We both work normal full-time jobs requiring the standard 40+ hours of hard labor. And being the suckers we are, we also chose the non-profit world. We will be the first to tell you that no one is getting rich in our line of work and that fame and glory never happens in places like this. Mike is a HVAC facilities engineer for a blood bank and Shannon is a project manager for an NGO trying to improve the health of the poor, huddled masses in far off places.

The bulk of our time is spent working, keeping the house in order, walking the dog, and watching too much TV.  Home-life hobbies for Mike are tinkering on old motorcycles and fly fishing for steelhead and Shannon as a talented roller derby diva on a local Seattle banked-track team with only two broken bones this year (motorcycles are way safer Mike thinks).

But always simmering in the back of our minds is the will and desire to be on the road with a wandering life, hence our catch-phrase of ‘sustainable unaccountability’. We don’t know how to get to that nirvana just yet but we will keep you posted; it has become an almost daily conversation around this household.

We love travel whether by car, motorcycle, boat, plane, or backpack. Throughout the past three decades we have spent considerable time exploring Southeast Asia including living in Cambodia as well as traveling to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, and many European countries.

In 1985, Mike and a good friend rode two bikes exploring British Columbia. In 1988, Shannon went two up on a Yamaha 750 for a cruise around the outer perimeter of the US for 3-months having left Seattle with a few hundred dollars and a bunch of string to sell as bracelets. In the fall of 1994, we took a weekend ride through an active conflict zone riding from our home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to the Vietnam border on a borrowed Honda. Throughout the 1990s we explored northern Thailand via small motorcycles. In 2007 we toured northern Vietnam on two 125s for 10-days.

We have taken numerous camping trips throughout Washington and Southern British Columbia both on tarmac and forest service roads usually riding a KLR 650, Yamaha Serow 225 or a Royal Enfield 500 Bullet. Ducati (the chihuahua) usually accompanies us on such trips. In summer 2009, we rode from Seattle to Inuvik (Dempster Highway, Canada) and the Artic Ocean on two bikes trying to find as many dirt roads as possible. We completed a bit over 5,000 miles of which 1,500 were dirt.