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Belize Accommodation

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Costs are all based on two people. We had approval for Ducati at all three locations including the hotel. If you are traveling with a dog we have found that booking.com and other travel sites have an option to sort by pet allow ability. Locations included secure parking.

Sarteneja, Belize
GPS: 18.344800, -88.152883
Cost: 12BZD per person per night
Dates stayed: 30 December 2014-1 January 2015
Pets allowed: Yes
Bathroom: Running water
Shower: Warm
Electricity: Yes
Internet: Yes in the common area (dedicated modem) and restaurant
Kitchen: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Notes: The mosquito-screened common area was a good place to relax with hammocks, tables and chairs as well as a common kitchen. There is a dedicated modem in the common area as well. The staff were very friendly and introduced us to a local guide for a tour into the jungle. They also have small cabins with and without en suite toilets. It is quiet campground and is an easy walk into town.

Hopkins, Belize
GPS: 16.874062, -88.287246
Cost: 65BZD for the room including tax per night (2 people and 1 dog)
Dates stayed: 2-3 January 2015
Pets allowed: Yes
Bathroom: Running water
Shower: Cold
Electricity: Yes
Internet: Yes
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Notes: This is a dog-friendly quirky hotel. There is also room for one tent for tent camping but the location is not great (near the compost pile). The owner, Tricia, is an excellent chef and does family style meals each evening that were excellent (fresh-baked warm bread, salad, fish, etc) and provided a great opportunity to talk and meet the other guests. If you choose to stay in one of the rooms we would recommend one of the front rooms because the back rooms don’t get good airflow and can get a little stuffy.

MANA KAI CAMPGROUND – tent camping
San Ignacio, Belize
No photo
GPS: 17.160997, -89.069620
Cost: 10 BZD per person per night
Dates stayed: 4-5 January 2015
Pets allowed: Yes
Bathroom: Running water
Shower: Cold
Electricity: Yes
Internet: Yes at the common areas
Kitchen: Yes at the common area
Restaurant: No
Notes: The location is close to central San Ignacio so it is easy to walk into the center of town and the market. There is ample room for tent camping in the large grass field. There are additional options for cabanas or rooms (with or without en suite toilets). The staff were friendly and it is very secure.

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