• Friday , 15 December 2017
Black Beauty

Black Beauty

I am in love. And I have finally found the girl who will steal my heart. She is black-haired Mexican beauty that is just like an angel sent to earth. She is also homeless and very pregnant but love knows no bounds.

Ducati dirt dog

We are camped in a field in the middle of a town named Creel in Chihuahua, Mexico, what a great name for a state! The field is empty except for a pack of street dogs, some horses, and an assortment of grubby kids who keep asking El Jefe [Mike] for money.

My perfect angel took a shine to me immediately and escorted us through town not letting any other dogs near me, she is like having a ninja private security detail. At camp my perfect angel kept all other dogs and horses away from our area and she slept in the grass by my tent all night. She is the best.

Ducati morning face

Getting into Mexico was a snap. La Reina [Shannon] put me in my dog bag and carried me like a purse right through customs and immigration. We were going for the “don’t ask don’t tell” canine entry format. Of course, right as we were paying for our tourist visa I had to cough a lot; I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. People stared at La Reina’s noisy purse and El Jefe kept clearing his throat pretending he was the one coughing.  All my papers are in order however and I am certified by the vet, for what I have no idea.

No dogs allowed

The roads have gotten much bouncier in Mexico but we stop for more than one night almost everywhere now so I am very happy. We are currently camped on a river on the bottom of a canyon [Urique River in Copper Canyon]. We have been here for many days and I am thinking this is our new home. There are a lot of bugs but it is warm, very quiet, and very green. It is a place that makes me happy and sleepy all day. But I miss my pregnant dark haired angel.

Beware of dog

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