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Catch up

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It is friday and I have a phone connection so can update. I would use the computer but someone is hogging it here at our backpacker hotel in la Paz. Not a bad place as they let us drive the bikes into the courtyard and no problem having ducati and it is relatively cheap. Thanks to Colin for the recommendation.

It has been an interesting few days. I had not prepared myself for how different sand is compared to everything else I have ridden on. My bike isn’t weighted right for the sand either. We left Ensenada and went outside San Felipe where we left the Tarmac for 2.4 miles of sand. At first it was fine and just like washboard and then it got deep and really squirely but we made it in and had a great place to camp and met a fireman named Jim who does a fair amount of riding and he gave us road info. We hung out round a campfire with him most the night.

Then waking up I started to get anxious about the sand and sure enough driving out to the main road I dropped the bike.

Posting now and moving to computer

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