• Thursday , 14 December 2017
Cease and desist

Cease and desist

El Jefe [Mike], under protest from my guardian angel La Reina [Shannon] has placed an executive gag order on yours truly; I had to wear the muzzle! Mind you, it has been a long time since I barked as much as I have here in the Redwoods of California, but hey, there are at least one million dogs in the campground and I have a funny way of saying hello [bark, fang, and growl with a little bit of tail wag].

I like to call my patented meet and great “tough love”. While all I want to do is play off leash with the other dogs I feel the need to let them know I can kick there assess if I wanted to. Attack first, play later.

The muzzle makes me look fat and I absolutely, positively, despise El Jefe for putting it on me. I got his message loud and clear and I am now playing by his rules. Good doggies get a treat, bad doggies get gagged.

That was yesterday.

Today I am master of the campground again and the muzzle is put away, hopefully El Jefe lost it. The Redwoods are great and I am loving the new places we stay every day. We were at the Rouge River and I rolled in dirt and drank from the river, I am part wolf ya know.

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