• Sunday , 21 January 2018
Ducati introduction

Ducati introduction

My name – at least as far as I understand it – is Ducati though I respond to so many different ones that it gets a little confusing such as Memati, squirrel, rabbit, bug, bubba, bubba-pup, duke, peanut….

As long as I can remember, which may only be a day or so – what is time anyways – I have lived with El Jefe (the man in the house, “the boss”) and Reina (the woman in the house, “queen”) and for a long time I had a sibling, El Gato Negro (black cat) that taught me so many things like washing my face with my paws every day. I never did get the hang of flying onto things the way he did and I could never figure out how he got in and out of the house without El Jefe or Reina opening the door [cat door in the kitchen]. We had a great house with a big deck and yard just for me and my friends. I say, “had” because things have really started to change recently but I will get to that later. Right now, I want to tell you who and what I am.

I am a Chihuahua that goes by Ducati and my favorite things are sleeping, playing chase with my friends (Paco, Pear Pear, and Bingo are my besties), camping, and being with my pack. There are currently three in my pack – me, El Jefe, and Reina. El Jefe – well, what can I say, he is the boss and what he says goes. Sometimes he growls at me, which is pretty scary. Then there is Reina and she is just the best though El Jefe does give me more table scraps then she ever has. My friends Paco and Pear Pear look a lot like me though I am bigger than both and then Bingo he is a big dog. My stats: age is almost twelve, weight is 10 pounds plus a few ounces, and I shed year-round no matter the season or temperature.

Something is amiss in my world – I fear something has gone terribly wrong. My pack has abandoned the house, yard, and deck. Right beforehand there was nothing left and we slept on the floor – all of us, on the floor, not the bed. Now we live in one room with different stuff though some same things like my carpet and dog beds. There is a yard but it is small and not fenced and I’m not allowed to roam free – sucks, really. Bingo never comes over and I used to see him all the time at my house.

I figured I would start this blog to document the things that are afoot.

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