• Friday , 15 December 2017
Ducati – saying goodbye forever to our best friend

Ducati – saying goodbye forever to our best friend


30 August 2002 – 18 March 2015

Ducati, the best motorcycling Chihuahua to ever live, died last night. Ducati stepped away from us while playing with another dog and was heading back to our nearby tent and had a tragic accident. He fell from a ledge about 12 feet high onto another concrete ledge and then into shallow water at the lakeshore. When he left our side to go to the tent dragging his leash we followed a moment later but it was very, very dark and extremely loud as the bullfrogs are mating in the lake and croaking like crazy. In our initial search all we found was the other dog Ducati had been playing with but not Ducati. We instigated a search and could not find him. After looking under every bush and rock to no avail Mike started looking around the concrete pier into the water. When we found his body shortly after in a few inches of water at the base of the ledge it was already too late. His neck was likely broken from the fall though Mike tried mouth-to-mouth in a valiant attempt to breath life back into our pup. Although we found him in shallow water he did not have water in his lungs.

Ducati was with us for 12.5 years and brought us so much joy, smiles, frustration, and snuggles. He has been with us through a lot of good and bad. We do believe that the last six months traveling 24-7 together was a blessing and any dog’s greatest desire, to be with their pack all the time. We were rarely apart. He brought smiles to so many people over the last months of travel.

We are more saddened than we can have imagine and feel that a piece of us is missing. We have buried him and created a marker using boulders and rocks here on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua where he has a great view of the sunsets over the water.

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