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Honduras to Nicaragua Border Crossing with a Dog

Honduras to Nicaragua Border Crossing with a Dog

This is our experience/record of crossing the Honduras-Nicaragua border on Monday, 2 March 2015. Our traveling party consisted of two people, two motorcycles, and one dog (Chihuahua).

We arrived at 2:30pm and were finished at 4:15pm. Exiting Honduras took thirty minutes. This crossing is very quiet and there weren’t any fixers vying for our attention, a welcome change.

Border Name: Guasaule
Closest major cities; Guasaule, Honduras and Somotillo, Nicaragua
Costs: 90.31 USD for one dog, two people, and two motorcycles

  • Nicaragua fumigation: 6 USD (3 USD per bike)
  • Nicaragua tourist visa: 1,560 NIO (780 NIO / 30 USD per person)
  • Nicaragua insurance: 24 USD (12 USD per bike)
  • Copies: .31 USD

Paperwork required:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Motorcycle title
  • Note: we keep all originals in individual plastic sleeves. We labeled these sleeves clearly to avoid confusion as to what was what, to keep original documents clean, and to differentiate what was original and what is a copy. All border-crossing officials have respected the sleeve.

Canine (Ducati)

  • International health certificate from the US
  • Health certificate from Mexico
  • Valid rabies certificate (not more than one year old and not less than 30 days).
  • Vaccination record
  • Microchip certificate

Note: We did not claim/declare Ducati at this border. He was in his carry bag and had we been asked to claim him we did have all his paperwork ready. For specific experience with your dog please see Neli’s Big Adventure.

Exit Honduras

Step 1: As we drove up to the border an official stopped us, reviewed our import permits (wrote on them) and directed us to the yellow Aduana building on the left. Park in front of building.

Step 2: Honduras Immigration: The window is on the north side of the building. Provided passports and tourist cards. Official stamped passport and kept tourist card. No fee.

Step 3: Honduras Customs: The customs window is on the south side of the building. Provided the vehicle import permits and they stamped them out.

Enter Nicaragua

Drive down the road and pull to your right hand side for fumigation. Walk to tent (across street) to pay fumigation fee (keep receipt). Walk to the tent next to fumigation where they were checking temperatures and asking if you feel ill in any way. We filled out a simple form. No fee.

Step 1: Nicaragua Fumigation: as you drive down the road pull to the right had side for fumigation. Get off motorcycles and pay at the tent across the street. Keep your receipt.

Step 2: Nicaragua Health Check: At the time of our crossing they were checking health status. In the tent next to fumigation payment station you fill out a simple health form and they were taking some people’s temperature.

Drive the rest of the way down the road to the large, round customs/immigration building.

Step 3: Nicaragua Immigration: The migration window is on the outside, to your right, as you face the building. Hand in your passports and completed tourist card. Tourist card fee was 780 NIO per person (30 USD). The official kept our tourist card.

Step 4: Nicaragua Customs: The customs window is inside the building, to the left as you enter. Provide title, passport, and driver’s license; no copies required because they scan the information into the computer. Make sure to check paperwork for accuracy. They issue vehicle import permit. No fee. The official will ask you to make a photocopy of the vehicle import permit. There is a copy desk behind you in the lobby.

Step 5: Insurance. Insurance is mandatory. There were a few people selling it at the border all for the same rate of 12 USD per vehicle.

As we drove out we were stopped and asked to show the tourist cards which we didn’t have and vehicle import permits. After discussion that the previous official kept the tourist cards they let us drive on. They kept a copy of the vehicle import permit.

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