• Friday , 15 December 2017
I think we are in trouble

I think we are in trouble

El Jefe either bit a dog bigger than himself or pooped in a yard he shouldn’t have. Whatever he did we are on the run. Good bye comfy couches and the green grass of home. At least the sleeping bags are out every night and the smells I get from my perch on the Black Donkey has me very interested, that is when I am not asleep. The hum of the motor does that to my kind.

We are moving each day but we stop a lot for water and grass breaks. Today I ran on the sand and the water tastes salty. I love dead crabs! La Reina and El Jefe are nipping at each other, they are not used to moving every day either. But, I feel a pack groove coming on and I kinda like the pack being together every day, all day.

I found some coffee grounds in the ground by the tent and that is where I like to poop today. Some days are harder than others, getting that daily business sorted.

The sun is out and we hear the big water on the sand beyond the tent, I like being on the run.

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