• Thursday , 14 December 2017
Making up time

Making up time

Spending just a speck of time in northern California blasting our way east towards Nevada. The temperature has been in the mid-90s since we left the coast and it makes for some long, hard days. We were very exited to see Lake Tahoe but the day we drove in there massive forest fires burning somewhere and the smoke filled the Tahoe sky. We weren’t even sure a Lake even existed until the next morning and our ride east.

Shannon at Mt Lassen National park 8,500 ft

We got our first hotel room of the trip and dinner out in Tahoe City – felt so extravagant and it did shoot the daily budget to hell. Good thing we are looking at averages and not per day. We got good and cleaned after living in the dirt. We are excited about the next few days traveling Highway 50 through Nevada that is known as the “Loneliest Road in America” and day one of the drive is proving that to be true. We will carry extra water and top off with fuel every chance we get. Aiming for hot springs and ghost towns in the middle of nowhere!

Shannon lake tahoe hotel

As we only have three weeks to get from Seattle to the Mexico border in Arizona we have to speed through some spots and take others off the list altogether (Moab) but we know we will have more time to explore the US on another trip. For the next week we will be in a steady format of eat, ride, sleep and repeat; albeit with some extra time in Utah.

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