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Mexico 2011

Mexico 2011 – Seattle to the tip of Baja –

Below is the final blog post about our trip. Over the next few weeks we will work on updating this section of the website with our route, photos, gear list, budget, and more. Thanks to all who followed our trip and sent encouraging messages.

Cheers, Mike and Shannon

Yesterday we picked up the bikes from the shipper and road them home from Tacoma. We were lucky as the sun was shinning and it was a nice day for a ride, which is unusual as the weather has not been very nice here in Seattle. After getting the bikes home the realization truly sunk in that the trip is over and we are no longer on a freedom ride with no responsibility or place to be at some specified time, and we were both sad. All we wanted to do was throw the gear on the bikes and head off somewhere but that wasn’t to be as both bikes went in the garage and we both made our way back to work to finish out the day.

We have been home for over two weeks now and the trip is fading quickly into memory..too quickly. And, the glow of being on holiday with no work or life stress has been fading as quickly as our Mexico tans in this gray Seattle weather. But better to have the fading memories of a trip that was exiting, challenging, and beautiful than none at all. As one trip ends we are immediately brainstorming what the next one should be because that has the effect of lifting our spirits.

In looking back over the trip as I sort through the photos and happily some video from the cameras and the helmet cam (that was faith as I had forgotten to bring the instructions) I am thinking about the photos we didn’t take and wishing that I had written down more people’s names and take more photos of those we met and shared time with along the way. Why is it that I often don’t take photos at the most important moments…the moments of meeting people and sharing a bit of time before going separate ways. I will remember on the next trip to not be shy about the camera and pull it out more.

Some photos to share are below… I am working hard at putting together a slide show as well as the video to do a montage to share. My goal for getting this done is by the end of May; I am about to go overseas on a work trip without my home computer so that is my excuse for the tardiness and I am sticking with it. What to do with this site and the blogging now that we are home runs through my mind. I learned so much at the Overland Expo when Mike and I spoke about how we fit adventure travel into pretty ordinary lives so I think that is what I will try to share and blog about. We will share more through this site so that it can maybe help answer questions or just remind people to just go for it, make it happen. We only regret the things we didn’t do not the things that we make happen!

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