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Mexico portion of the trip is finished

Posted by on March 31st, 2011 with 2 Comments

It really is with sad news that I say that the Baja portion of the trip is over…we weren’t ready. We wanted to keep going both to spend more time in Baja and then just continue south and get on a ferry (assuming we could sort out the pesky paperwork). But, alas, the time is not now for that type of trip.

We are in Arizona now and will be headed to Amado shortly where we are speaking and learning from others at the Overland Expo 2010 conference. It should be a lot of fun and is actually a good way to end the trip.

So, the last I sent an update was from my phone in El Rosario so I know it was short as typing anything long on the phone is nothing short of frustrating. We had the most amazing lobster burritos in El Rosario at Mama Espinoza’s restaurant which has been going since 1932. There was so much lobster in the burritos, actually all lobster. Yum, just thinking about it is making me yearn for more.

After El Rosario and the rather funky hotel (funky as in very run down but very cheap) we really wanted to make sure that our last night in Baja was a camping night so we road to La Bufadora which is out on a point just south of Ensenda on the pacific ocean. We stayed at Campo 5 which is run by Luis and his family (awesome people). Campo 5 is up on top of the bluff with this insane views…amazing. We loved it. The wind kept us off the highest bluff as I thought we might get blown off so we stayed a bit lower and actually the tent held up (the wind was really strong) and had a good last night. The drive from El Rosario to La Bufadora was such a change from southern Baja because things were green and lush compared with the dry and desolate dessert. The air had a much different smell.

The the last day of driving to Tecate border crossing was also beautiful, highway 3 is lovely going through wine country and not much traffic. The border crossing took all of 3 minutes…literally, no questions, no looking through anything, just go ahead and welcome home. We didn’t have to fill out a stitch of paperwork or anything. Easiest crossing ever! Though not sure what I should do with the tourist card still in my passport; guess I will just toss or something. We got into the US and drove to Yuma, Arizona were we got a hotel room and chilled out with some tv….yes, tv…hadn’t seen that in weeks. We also took advantage of the laundry and got all out things nice and clean. I also had In and Out burgers and fries for the first time. While it was tasy – Dick’s Burgers in Seattle is way better.

Then yesterday was a long ride from Yuma to Tuscon to another hotel and an early night. The drive was basically all straight for the entire 250 miles…I think there was maybe one turn. It was so boring that it made me very, very sleepy. Luckily the traffic wasn’t too bad and the wind stayed calm as well.

Not sure if during my last post that I mentioned I had two more falls…brought the total to 7 for the trip. It was from the beach at Aqua Verde to the main dirt road. I seemed to make a bee line for the deep, deep sand each time when I didn’t have too. Falling doesn’t upset me so much anymore but I have become more determined then ever that I will learn and conquer riding the sand. This summer that is what I will learn and get comfy with. The goal.

Before signing off – just one last thing – Baja was awesome. It suprised me in some ways with the variety of the landscape and the interesting driving conditions. It challenged me which is always fun and brought me to tearsn which is not fun but not the end of the world either. The people we met were lovely and incredibly giving and friendly. Thank you.

Photos and more to come sometime in the next week or so.


  1. heider, richard says:

    Glad your back in the states! Have a great time at the expo. Richard

  2. Tim Sanchez says:

    Hey Mike & Shannon and the ever-so easy going Ducati!

    I’m the big guy from Rice N Beans driving the black off road truck…seems like you had quite a nice trip round’ Baja and it should be noted that traversing the East Cape mountain road on your first trip to Baja is EPIC! Not many do that!

    Really wished I could have made the Expo, but scheduling conflicts etc…make it hard sometimes.

    I just finished up 2200-miles in my jaunt finishing up the TV logistics for the upcoming 2011 Rip to the Tip…. You can follow along on and as well.

    I’d love to stay in touch!

    Best Regards – Desertbull aka Tim Sanchez

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