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More catching up

Posted by on March 18th, 2011 with 8 Comments

I am on a regular computer now so can write more and faster than from my phone which is slow to say the very, very least.

I left off with dropping my bike in the sand on the way out to the main road which was telling for the day to come. It started off just fine on our way to go like 150 or so miles for the day…the road was tarmac and just fine and then after the last Pemax station the road turned to gravel, well we would call it pretty rocky gravel but that is fine and we cruised along. It also restored my confidence after the stress of the sand I was thinking I could no longer ride off road. The road started to change with more sand mixing in with the gravel then strange washboard that really acted like a mini-roller coaster and it continued. The problem was the sand started to out-weigh the dirt and gravel. Sand pits became longer and deeper and scarier.

Then we turned to drive about a mile, maybe two down to Campo Bufeo for camping and it got pretty deep. Mike was doing excellent keeping the KLR upright because he felt with Ducati on the back there was just no way it would be okay to fall. I got more and more worried…finally dropping the bike again which totally pissed me off because I couldn´t get it up myself. Then we decided that the weight was really putting me off so we took off the tent bag and stashed it behind some bushes. That helped a ton and I made it in but I was sweating bullets and pretty much not happy with it. Ended up riding a total of 80 miles for the day…ugh… but, we had a great nap. And, Miguel (owner of Campo Bufeo) and his wife took great care of us as we were the only people there and dinner was tasty and a great walk on a beach where there were no people.

Next day I was so stressed by the idea of the sand out to the road that we had Miguel take me and Ducati on his quad out to the road picking up the tank bag on the way. Mike brought both bikes to the road. He said it was much easier without the stress of Ducati on the back and then my bike without the tent bag. We both knew that we had about 40 miles more of dirt, sand, rock until we hit the tarmac. The first stop was Cocos Corner about 30 miles down the road. Happily we didn´t get much deep sand. It was mostly rock track with gravel and sand mixed in. A miracle that we didn´t get any flat tires. I found that I ride much better in the lead so I could pick out my line of travel way far ahead and then I focused on that along with thinking hard about roller derby, specifically doing the 25 laps in 5 minutes when you just think form and pace, form and pace and keep going. Thanks derby!! At one point I did go through some deep sand but this time I did it at the right speed but at the same time I was shouting, oh no sand, oh my, oh my… but made it though.

Finally made it to tarmac and rode another 150 miles down the road to Guerro Negro where we camped for the evening in a parking lot at at an RV park. But, they had hot showers which we both needed. Then up and more riding on tarmac (yeah tarmac) to Conception Bay which is stunning. We stayed at Buenaventura Restaurant and Bar and camping…the owners Mark and Olivia were lovely. Great place! There was two other people there in their RV and we all ate fresh pizza from Mark´s pizza oven for dinner and just relaxed. We woke up to a great view of the water about 10 feet from our tent. Ducati made a few friends in the morning and got a great game of chase going, about five dogs cruising around. It was a lovely sight.

Leaving the Bay we rode our longest day, 285 miles of incredibly boring and super straight road to La Paz. Made it fine. We were going to camp and went to go down a 10 mile track to the beach but it was such deep soft, soft sand that I just stressed out too much about a mile into it and for the first time in all the off road we have done I called it and we turned around. Right now this sand has got the best of me which is pissing me off something terrible. When I get home we are going to do some serious practice with an unloaded bike so I can really get the handle of it. I think I knew it was ok to call it since we had time to get to La Paz before dark and it wasn´t required to go down that road. But, it still frustrates me.

Today we are headed towards Cabo where we are meeting my sister for lunch and then we will ride down the road and head east up the coast for camping.

We have overall changed our trips plans. We will not be taking the ferry to the mainland and going to Sayulita. The reason is two fold. First is the paperwork issue which we could likely take care of in La Paz but…. Second reason is that we realize the length of the ride from Sayulita to Amado Arizona is too long to do happily in three days…it would just be hard, straight riding which is not the point of our trip. So, we have decided to stay in Baja the whole time. There is more then enough to do here and beautiful places to see so that will be fine. We will cross back into the states at Tecate and ride some US highways to Amado for the conference.

Not sure what my future internet will be but will try to continue to post updates and such!


  1. Dad says:

    Great going, Shannon and Mike. Enjoy!

  2. Janet says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I will no longer watch to see if your spot is on the water on the way to Mazatlan. Sounds like plenty of sun and fun, despite the sand. Glad you all are enjoying yourselves!

  3. Carita says:

    Hey guys, despite the difficulties it sounds like you’re having great time. Shannon don’t worry about the sand riding – I’m the last person to say anything coz I’ve never ridden a motorbike but I’m sure its just a matter of practice practice practice (ok, maybe being over 6ft can help too…this whole gender/bigger muscles thing pisses me off too at times) Watching/reading your blog and tracker has been great fun for me too, I almost feel like I’m along for the ride. Am really looking forward to photos. Take care, lots of love to you all! xxx C

  4. Becki says:

    Thanks for the catching up, Shannon !t’s great to read the updates. Each trip is another notch in your belt and despite the frustrations you’ll know what better to do or not to do next time. And you KNOW there will be a next time! All’s not lost, even if part of the journey is a kick in the ass.
    What a great adventure for you, Mike & l’il D!

  5. Tama says:

    Well I guess the tonic water and other stuff we left in Sayulita will have to wait for the next guests. I am just glad you are doing so well! Enjoy the beauty.
    T, J & I

  6. shelley says:

    hey you guys!! it sounds awesome!!!!! so happy for your travels.. see you in az after all!!

  7. Work Gang says:

    That’s a great story. I think in adventure’s it’s all about adjustment’s. Your doing awesome Shannon. Your a freaking trooper! Have fun you guys, it’s still a vacation!

  8. Tim S says:

    Thanks for calling John to say hi and not me. I was having a good to now I know nobody loves me. JK Hope your having a good time in MEXICO

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