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Morocco to Spain Border Crossing

Morocco to Spain Border Crossing

This is our experience crossing the Morocco-Spain border on Saturday, 2 July 2016. Our party consisted of two people and two motorcycles.

Border Name: Algeciras
Closest major cities: Algeciras, Spain and Tangier, Morocco
Costs: US$440.65
*Round-trip ferry ticket for one person with motorcycle US$116.84
*Insurance per motorcycle US$323.81

Paperwork required:
*Ferry tickets
*Morocco vehicle import paperwork
*Morocco tourist exit card
*European Union Green Card insurance ($323.81 each that was Euro 280 per motorcycle for 6 months)
Note: we keep all originals in individual plastic sleeves. We labeled these sleeves clearly to avoid confusion as to what was what, to keep original documents clean, and to differentiate what is original and what is a copy. All border-crossing officials have respected the sleeve.

Exit Morocco

We purchased our ferry tickets online through FRS ferries (US$116.84 round trip per person with one motorcycle). We had open-return tickets so prior to leaving Morocco we looked online for what times the ferry left Tangier-Med and arrived at the port about two hours prior to the ferry sailing time. When you drive to the Tangier-Med port you will need to stop by all the ferry ticket booths and go to your company to check-in. We were given our tickets for the next sailing. If you arrived via Tangier-Med the ticket booths are in the same area as the ATM, money-changing booths, and insurance booth.

Step 1 – Immigration: After getting your tickets just follow signs for automobiles which will bring you to a horizontal line of police booths and just go to an open one (all have signs above indicating open). They take your passport and exit tourist card (when we originally picked up our tickets in Spain we were given both the entry and exit tourist cards for Morocco so we filled out our exit card before arriving at the port). The policeman reviewed our passports and stamped us out.

Step 2 –Customs: Proceed about fifty feet to the customs booth. We provided our temporary vehicle import permit (there was still two copies of it). The customs official stamped both portions and returned one to us.

The ticket/ferry company put a paper on the front of our motorcycles (windscreens) that had the name of our company so that as we drove into the ferry terminal policeman could direct us the right way. Along the way to the ferry there are vehicle scanners and searching but we were waived by and didn’t need to proceed through the scanner.

It is prudent to look for your boat at the dock. We were instructed to go to a specific waiting area by port staff but noticed our boat was parked somewhere else. When we asked about this the port staff apologized and said we were in the wrong line. We moved to the waiting area near our boat and all was well.

Enter Spain

Step 1 – Immigration: On arrival at the Alegeciras port just follow the exit signs that lead you to the immigration booths. Provide your passport and get stamped into the EU.

Step 2 – Customs: There wasn’t any vehicle paperwork to be completed. There were customs dogs sniffing vehicles. We were waived through.

Step 3 – Insurance: European Union Green Card Insurance is required for all vehicles. It is required to have the original documentation and not a photocopy. Therefore we arranged our insurance while still in South America; we had it mailed to our address in Seattle and a friend hand-delivered it to us in Argentina. We purchased our insurance through Motocamp in Bulgaria (http://motosapiens.org/motocamp/Info). We understand it is less expensive through ADAC in Germany but you must purchase in person with the bikes. Our cost was 560 Euros for two bikes for six months.

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