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Next up….Laos!

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It has been decided and circumstances have prevailed – we will be taking a trip!

It will be a short trip but it will be an adventure nonetheless. We are headed to Laos in February for 8 days of motorcycle touring. It has come together because Shannon is going to Bangkok, Thailand for work and Mike is able to take some time off and we have enough airline miles to get Mike a free ticket. Shannon is tacking on extra time for holiday and there you have it – a quick trip to SE Asia.

Why Laos? We have only spent a total of 24-hours in Laos back in ’95 so that doesn’t really count as a visit to a country. We have heard great things about it so away we go. We have started pouring over the map, a guidebook and trip reports. Seems that we can go as “hardcore” as we want…lot of single-track riding to be had but I don’t think that is what we will be doing. Though we won’t really know until we arrive and start riding.

More to come!

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