• Friday , 15 December 2017
On the road again in Central America

On the road again in Central America

We are on the move again but slowly and we have added a temporary member to our pack but let me first back up a bit. We left our home in Antigua. Now, Antigua was a long stop and I thought we had moved permanently into a new home. I was wrong. We were in Antigua for so long that I thought El Jefe [Mike] and la Reina [Shannon] had finally settled on a new place. I had figured they were looking for a grass yard for me, maybe, and that El Jefe was no longer in trouble and our days of running were over, no dice. You might remember long ago I let you all in on a secret that I was pretty sure El Jefe had done something pretty bad and that we had to skedattle from Seattle. Then again I speak dog and really have no clue why people do what people do.

In Antigua we had a normal house (not a tent) and there were bunches of rooms. I had a couple couches that I jumped between for naps. One couch had a pretty good view out a window, good for barking from (“barka lounging” El Jefe calls it). Then we had a totally different room for sleeping. It reminds me of our old house.


There were some big dogs lurking in the yard so I couldn’t hang out and sniff around. A bit of a bummer as it would have been really good to nap in the sun but no such luck.

I have learned some new tricks that El Jefe and Reina seem to be really, really happy about. It has to do with us staying in hotel rooms where they don’t let anyone know I am there. Why a place would say no to a chihuahua is an odd concept but, hey what can you do. So what is the new trick – well I have learned to use the bathroom (one and two) on the tile bathroom showers. I even take myself there when I need to go. It is nice having a place inside to do my personal business.

We had a super regular schedule in Antigua. Sleep in, go for a walk, nap, El Jefe and Reina disappear [to Spanish school], walk and go out to dinner and meet people. I was taken out places in my bag and everyone wanted to meet me. We went one place – CA MotoTours – and they wanted my autograph. Clearly a difficult thing for me to do but EL Jefe helped me put my paw stamp on a motorcycle helmet.


Another place where I was super popular!


Antigua has special parking for motorcycles and dogs too.


I had to supervise El Jefe and make sure he went straight home with his new tires. He tends to get distracted and wander around.

Anyway, we left Antigua and are now back on a regular schedule of motorcycle riding, tent camping, and sneaking into hotels. One of the first places we went was on a lake [Lake Atitlan in Guatemala] where we just relaxed for a full week. The first weekend was fantastic because we stayed in a fancy house with our friend Cisco (more on him in a minute) and there was an awesome pawsome hammock on the lake front deck. Though the rest of the time was pretty good too.



This was the view from our camping on Lake Atitlan. It was one of the most comfortable lounge chairs ever.

I have been liking all the new places and one day we showed up in a parking lot and my buddy Blaze was there. Fun times with a dog pal as you can imagine. We wrestled and napped near the pool together. Blaze doesn’t have a beach blanket for napping so I shared mine with him. There was enough room.


We didn’t stay long at the pools with Blaze  and after a couple days we went to the beach but the beach sucked. The sand was black so it was super hot on my paws and Reina had to carry me as I just couldn’t walk. But, then we went to a way better “not black” beach that was huge and I got to run around with no leash. And to make it even better, Blaze showed up yet again so we ran around on the beach together.


Running free on the beaches of El Cuco.



The one good thing at the “suck” beach was that I did get to enjoy a fish feed!


This beach is where we picked up a new pack member. Thankfully it isn’t another dog as that would be just too much for me. His name is Cisco and he gives me butter cookies and calls me Gordo instead of Ducati. We left the beach together and went to the mountains where the air was cool. At the first place where we set up our tents there were many chickens that I had to keep away from our tent. It really is a lot of work to keep chickens, dogs, and cats away from our stuff. I don’t think that El Jefe and Reina realize the importance of my barking in keeping other creatures away. In fact, they didn’t listen to me when a white dog sneaked up and stole the onion that Cisco was preparing for the grill. If they had listened then the food would not have been stolen.


Me and my buddy Cisco!

They give me jobs to do – seriously – usually along the lines of map reading but I am not super into it. So, what I try to do is close my eyes and pretend to sleep which generally works and they take care of the navigation instead.

They sometimes give me jobs like map reading and planning but, really I would rather nap.

They sometimes give me jobs like map reading and planning but, really I would rather nap.



I got a special permit for our time in Belize. I haven’t had one of these for other countries.



I love, love sleeping in and so does El Jefe!

It is now so hot that I get water poured on me many times every day, I don’t mind. Life is good on the road. I am with my people all day, every stop is a new adventure, and we are happy.

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