• Friday , 15 December 2017
Rancho Relaxo

Rancho Relaxo

I have been asked this question numerous times about where/how I ride on the bike. I would prefer a large RV with a couch and TV during the day with a firm mattress and fluffy comforter for evening time. Unfortunately, the team is on motorcycles (not that I got a vote) and my digs are not very luxurious, but comfortable.

El Jefe [Mike] took some photos for me so I could share them with you. You may notice that my little house on the bike is kind of a crappy white. El Jefe, using some leftover house paint, painted it this way and I must say it has been cooler inside ever since.  There is plenty of air through the top and sides but I don’t stick my head out because it makes my eyes too watery, even with my goggles. El Jefe lined my motorcycle house with fur so it is cozy but I just hope my house doesn’t get flees.

Ducati 1

I ride with El Jefe and I am not sure where La Reina [Shannon] is. El Jefe talks to himself a lot and swears [helmet radio intercom to Shannon]. He hates bad drivers. In my house I have two friends: frog and dog. I think you can see them in the photo. We chill out and I pass the time waiting for the next camp adventure and new smells.

Ducati house 3

Speaking of new smells and found things – last night I had a great find in the darkness. In the grass I found bones and they were so tasty but El Jefe tried to take them out of my mouth but I crunched and swallowed them as fast I could. I know he is the leader but still I found it, so I should get to keep it. Today El Jefe and La Reina seem to be a bit concerned and were talking about the vet [little blood in the stools from the chicken bones]. I am doing fine and my tummy doesn’t hurt so not sure why they are talking vet. I bet I will be able to find more good stuff but the problem will be keeping it to myself.

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