• Thursday , 14 December 2017
Resources – links

Resources – links

We didn’t plan this trip in a vacuum – there is an abundance of DIY adventure travel information and forums online that we found invaluable in planning our trip. The people behind the sites listed below have been amazing resources both on and off their sites.

Horizons Unlimited Forum: horizonsunlimited.com

Adventure Rider Forum: ADVrider.com

Overland Sphere: Overland Sphere Overland Travel Information

Life Remotely – an amazing resource: Life Remotely

Wiki Overland: Wiki Overland.org

Chris Scott’s Adventure Motorcycling: Adventure Motorcycling

A couple of crazy Canadians who provide excellent ride reports with maps: Worldwide Ride

The amazing Lois Pryce: Lois Pryce

One of the original DIY travelers Austin Vince: Austin Vince

Jay Kannaiyan also known as Jammin’ Jay: Jammin Global

The highly entertaining Ed March who has taken a C90 where others are afraid to go: c90 Adventures

Short way Round – thanks for all the information on your DR650 bike modifications: Short way Round

Motomonkey – in her travel tips she writes about things that most of us won’t voice on the internet plus she has a great travel blog: Motomonkey

iOverlander – a phone application (also website) that we use almost every day to find camping and useful services all around the world. The data comes from other overlanders and not commercial interests: http://www.ioverlander.com

Michnus and Elsie, PikiPiki, are two round the world overlanders traveling by motorcycle. They have a wealth of information on their website: http://www.pikipiki.co.za

We met Lisa and Jason, Two Wheeled Nomad, in Colombia and continue to stay in touch and swap information. Their blogs are a joy to read and have some the best motorcycling photography we have every seen: https://twowheelednomad.com

Peter and Leonnie, Amsterdam to Anywhere, traveling round the world on two small 250cc motorbikes. They are just about to complete their journey: http://amsterdamtoanywhere.nl/en/about-us/

These are only a small selection of what can be found.

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