• Friday , 15 December 2017
Slow and steady

Slow and steady

Since leaving the Pacific Coast we have been slowly making our way  inland a bit east, north, and now south. We figured for this post we would show lots of pictures with detailed captions and leave the stories for another day. There hasn’t been any donkey attacks, rabid animals, parasites, or zombies of note to write about since our last post.

Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala while beautiful is too polluted to swim in we were told. The climate in this region is what attracts expats from all over the world but mostly from north America. We spent almost a week near the lake while Mike recovered from his “back going out” and we waited out the rainy days in relative comfort around interesting people.

Lake Chapala Mike

I asked Mike to pose as a great explorer and this is what he gave me…not sure if it really fits the bill but what can you do when a model won’t cooperate.

campsite Guanajuato

Leaving Lake Chapala we went to the UNESCO world heritage city of Guanajuato that was built precariously on hilltops and steep valley walls with almost no flat areas to be found. Driving here is challenging as all the streets are cobblestone, narrow, steep, windy, and mostly unmarked one ways. There are many tunnels criss-crossing underneath the city and it is easy to get lost. Our city campsite (pictured above) was essentially a grass parking lot but with great views, good security, close to the center, working bathroom, and a cacophony of dogs barking throughout the night from rooftops across the hills, each dog trying to get in the last bark. It was very, very noisy.

Guanajuato camp view

The view from the campsite was excellent and yes, that is shards of broken glass set into the concrete on top of the wall for added security.

Guanajuato street

The narrow streets with hairpin turns. And, as it turns out – 2-way traffic!

Guanajuato street art

Guanajuato graffiti. This is a university town with students emphasizing art.

Guanajuato hearse

Chevy Suburban hearse trying to negotiate the narrow streets.

Guanajuato walking

Ducati is a pampered pup and was often carried if the streets were too crowded or if he seemed a little tired. Guanajuato is very reminiscent of Europe and reminded Shannon of walking in Brussels with lots of benches, small parks, and cafes.

Ducati people watching

Ducati is checking the inside of his eyelids for possible leaks.

Family selfie Guanajuato

Attempting to perfect the all important family selfie. Mike needs to work harder on that smile and Ducati needs to be a bit more engaged.

Guanajuato museaum

The mummy museum of Guanajuato is more creepy than museumy.

Guanajuato museaum mummy

Guanajuato museum 2


After Guanajuato we drove a short distance to San Miguel de Allende, another beautiful, cobblestoned town. This one lacking the extreme hills.

San Miguel street scene

San Miguel street

San Miguel church and sky

San Miguel church

San Miguel de Allende has been so comfortable that we ended up staying six nights before continuing our southward journey toward Oaxaca.

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