• Friday , 15 December 2017
S&M Boiler Works Creed

S&M Boiler Works Creed

We have always known overland motorcyclists have a tendency towards one-upmanship and can sometimes be opinionated. We wanted to share the “S&M Boiler Works Creed”. This creed is an attempt to transcend our own bad habit of letting other people’s opinions affect us.

* Adventure is anything you want it to be. Don’t let others define this for you. There is no right or wrong way to have an adventure.

*At the fork in the road, we don’t care if you choose the paved road over the dirt road. It is your adventure and no one else’s.

*Where you sleep at night or how much you spend has no bearing on the authenticity of your adventure.

*Some people haul a lot of gear and others are minimalist and barely have any. As long as you can ride safely and are comfortable with your set-up, who cares how much crap you are hauling around. It is your business.

*It doesn’t matter the make, model, or size of your motorcycle. Since it is a motorcycle it is cool by definition.

*Give credit where credit is due. Anyone in the midst of an overland journey through foreign countries has shown discipline, planning, sacrifice, and hard work to get where they are. Regardless of the vehicle type, route, or itinerary our hats go off to those that have stepped out of their comfort zone and into the fantastic unknown of overland travel.

*Let your freak flag fly. Your trip is your own artistic expression.

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