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Sunday morning

Posted by on March 13th, 2011 with 5 Comments

Ready to start another day. Mike is off looking for the bank while me and Ducati finish packing up our things. Had a tasty breakfast of eggs and beans with fresh oj. Took advantage of the hotel room by watching tv last night and hot showers this morning. From here on out we will be camping, a bit more roughing it which is actually much easier with Ducati as there aren’t many hotels that take pets.

To all, if we go offline or the tracker stops it is likely just lack of signal or us relaxing on a remote beach. So don’t worry.


  1. Janet says:

    It’s been pouring down rain up here in Seattle, so the beach sounds good. Even with the paperwork snafu you’re getting vacation and adventure. Start writing it all down, since later it might be funny. Or at least you’re have the material for a book. Hang in there and find something to enjoy!!

  2. Work Gang says:

    Hope you guy’s are back on track. We’re here with you!

  3. Work Gang says:

    Ducati will you save you!

  4. heider, richard says:

    Been wachen the quake activity down your way. a little here and there but not many. Be safe. Have a great time. Richard

  5. Jenny K says:

    I don’t suppose you got my “spanish for idiot travellers ” notes in time before you left?

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