• Friday , 15 December 2017

Sustainable Unaccountability

Promoting our vision of sustainable unaccountability – what does that even mean?

Angkor Wat 1994

Angkor Wat 1994

As we thought about the website and branding ourselves for a speaking engagement at Overland Expo in 2011 we had to come up with a name in a pretty crowded field with most word combinations containing ‘adventure’; ‘globe’; ‘horizon’, and ’world’ already sewn up. So zig when the rest zag and pick a name no one would touch. First out of the gate to not sound too flat or foolish was S&M Boiler Works. S&M because those are our initials and the standard reference people associate with ‘S&M’ raise eyebrows when people hear it, nice! Try googling ‘S and M’, but not from work. Then came Boiler Works because we know nothing about boilers and this website has nothing to do with working. Perfect! A name that has nothing to do with adventure motorcycling in any way, shape or form. Boiler Works comes off a weathered sign from an abandoned manufacturing building in Bellingham Washington that we passed on a Christmas walk with Heather (Mike’s most wonderful sister). What does it mean? A whole lot of nothing I tell you, but it grabbed our attention for some strange reason.

Then we thought we should have a vision/mission/tagline – as we walked that chilly morning Mike thought since we were both employed at nonprofits and all the rage in our world at the time was “sustainability” we should toss that one around a bit. So we thought to ourselves, how about sustainable paired with something not so savory, like ‘unaccountability’. A zig and a zag. And, there we were – promoting our vision of sustainable unaccountability – which in essence means that we follow our vision to learn, grow, and put positive energy into the world and we don’t have to be accountable to anyone else’s expectations of what a middle aged, married couple in the United States should do with their lives. 

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