• Thursday , 14 December 2017
Ten pound dog ball

Ten pound dog ball

I have been through the desert on a horse with no name…er, a motorcycle named donkey…it feels good to be back in the rain, la, la, la.

Special is what I am because I just hiked the rim trail in Bryce Canyon National Park. Well, hike is not exactly what I did. As no pets are allowed on the trails I was smuggled in my green bag. La Reina [Shannon] looked like a European tourist carrying a very trendy bag. A bag containing a 10-pound dog ball. My bag has a window that I can see out but no one can see in. Technically I was never on the forbidden trail in the park but hovering some distance above it. I know I need to be quiet as a mouse when being dog smuggled and I am good at being quiet (mostly). In effect, I am the perfect luggage!

Ducati incognito

It rained so hard the other night and into the following morning the whole pack stayed in the tent well past breakfast and near on dinnertime. I am all caught up on sleep and unbridled Chihuahua energy. I am also not scared of lightening. Now it is sunny and warm again.

La Reina talks a lot to El Jefe [Mike] and me. I just look at La Reina when she talks to me and she likes this. El Jefe also just looks at her when she talks to him and she gets mad. La Reina likes me better I guess. El Jefe likes to sit in his camp chair and stare at the trees. I think El Jefe should talk back more and then La Reina would like us both the same.

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