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Thailand to Malaysia Border Report

Thailand to Malaysia Border Report

This is our experience/record of crossing the Thailand-Malaysia border on Sunday, 12 March 2017. Our traveling party consisted of two people and two motorcycles. We started at 8:40am and finished at 9:22am.

Border Name: Sadao – Bukit Kayu Hitam
Closest major cities: Sadao, Thailand and Bukit Kayu Hitam, Malaysia
Costs: $0

Paperwork required at border:
*Thailand departure card
Note: we keep all originals in individual plastic sleeves. We labeled these sleeves clearly to avoid confusion as to what was what, to keep original documents clean, and to differentiate what is original and what is a copy. All border-crossing officials have respected the sleeve.

Exit Thailand

Drive to the second building with booths numbered 6-9 and do both immigration and customs. Do not stop at the first building that says immigration. We first stopped here and were told to keep driving.

Step 1 – Immigration: We parked our motorcycles near to booth 8, walked to the booth, and handed the officer our passports with the departure cards stapled into them. He stamped us out of Thailand.

Step 2 – Customs: We walked a few feet over to the customs booth (clearly signed) and handed over our customs declaration which we had to sign and leave with the officer and we were finished. She did not want the Thai vehicle permits returned.

Total time to exit was twenty minutes.

Enter Malaysia

Drive approximately one kilometer to the Malaysia border offices.

Step 1 – Immigration: Following the motorcycle signs you will drive into a narrow driveway that will take you to the immigration booth. While sitting on your motorcycle you hand over your passport to the official. We were stamped into Malaysia.

Step 2 – Customs: After getting your passport drive a very short distance and park next to the building that is on your left. Take your carnet to the customs office, which is on the back of the building. It was not easily signed. Luckily as we walked around the building with carnet in hand (not finding the door we should enter) the officer said “carnet” and we said yes and she took us into the office. She filled out our carnets and we were on our way.

Step 3 – Insurance: We believe that insurance is required in Malaysia but we did not find anywhere near the border to purchase insurance.

Total time to enter was nineteen minutes.

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