• Thursday , 14 December 2017
The longest walk ever

The longest walk ever

It has been hard and all I really want is a good sleep. These crazy roads are nothing but bumps and shimmies and give me a major core workout and nap deficit. I like to sleep and nap, you know right after breakfast nap, then mid-morning, mid-day, afternoon, and each time after I do anything.

Ducati waiting

We stopped at a quiet place by a river and the nice lady that lives there had two doggies but they didn’t want to play. The first day after arriving there [Batopilas] was excellent as I slept almost the whole day while El Jefe [Mike] and La Reina [Shannon] did stuff. Nice! I was hoping for another repeat of that day – I sleep and they do stuff but that was not to be. The alarm beeping went off while it was still dark so I hide under the covers. That didn’t last long, La Reina dragged me out of bed.

Mike and Ducati at Satevo

As the sun was coming up I kept hearing the word “hike” and off we went. It seemed that a “hike” is just like a “walk” or so I thought at first. For two hours we walked on a dirt road along a river with nothing much about. There was no time for in-depth sniffing so I can’t really say how many other dogs walked this way. We got to a structure [a 400-year old mission in Satevo with no known record] and took photos and then just turned around. No naps, no snacks, no car ride, no motorcycle ride…nothing, just more walking. By then it was getting hot and I knew the way home so I put it into four-wheel drive and led my pack back to napville, clean sheets, and shade!

[Ducati kept up the entire 9-mile hike. What a super star for a twelve-year old dog!]

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